Letting Go –

Our theme for January has been Letting Go and all month we’ve been working on letting go of old, stale, or stagnant energy that may be weighing us down, to make room for the new opportunities that 2012 holds.  Shedding those layers is like peeling back an onion… one layer at a time to reveal a lighter, happier, more radiant you.   

There is a feng shui exercise we can all try together that can help uncover new possibilities for 2012.  It consists of giving away or throwing away 27 items a day for 9 days in a row — that’s 243 things!

Everything we own carries an energy with it. As we let go of old energies, it clears the space for us to open to new, fresh, greater energy. It’s amazing how letting go of old things can help us let go of the bigger things that hold us back.

If you’re ready for a fresh start in any area of your life, I invite you to try this with us. 

1. Each day for nine days in a row give away or throw away 27 items. Notice what you’re hanging on to, not because you love it, but because you’re afraid to let it go.

2. Stand in your closet and touch or try on every piece of clothing. Ask yourself whether you want to carry that into your life ahead. If not, give it away or throw it away.

3. Clear out old books that don’t have messages that speak to you anymore, vitamins or medicines you no longer need, kitchen items that are cracked or worn-out.

4. Fix items that are broken (or get rid of them). Clean items that are dirty. Put your loving attention on everything in your environment to see whether it represents who you are now.

Then notice what happens in your life. As you let go of things that carry old energy, you also strengthen your ability to let go of old ideas of feelings that no longer serve you. Then, you’re freer to create a magnificent future.

If you like, share with us what you’ve let go of by commenting back on this post… dont hold back… let it all go!!  

Lisa 🙂


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