Forks Over Knives – Tomorrow night

hi friends.

I receive so many questions about yoga nutrition, that I decided to purchase the Forks Over Knives DVD for us to watch together.

If you are interested, please join us tomorrow night, Wed. Aug. 21st. 
I will have a nutritionist available to answer any
questions following the film.  Email or text me for the address
in River Park Subdivision.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Forks Over Knives,
it is a film based on a research study to investigate why the
U.S. has such high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease,
and cancer relative to other world leading countries and
examines and compares our food supply chain to other
countries where there is virtually no heart disease or cancer.
Here is the trailer if you want a little preview…
Making healthier choices in nutrition comes from being knowledgeable
about our where our foods comes from. This film is a GREAT way to
hels us do that!




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