It’s November!

 November is my favorite month because the whole country

 is focused on gratitude! (or should be)

And when our minds are focused on abundance and not on what is lacking– everyone finds more joy, purpose, and happiness! Our lights shine brighter! 
On our mat, an abundance of health benefits are revealed through yoga asana…
But the abundance of what we take from yogareally doesn’t get utilized until-– off the mat.
1. Off the mat, yoga teaches us how to build strength to withstand life’s obstacles. It teaches us that the ‘aches’ that life deals are merely growing pains along our journey– making us stronger in the end.
2. Yoga teaches us to be flexible physically and emotionally, becoming resilient, able to bounce back smoothly from life’s chaos. It teaches us that when we quit resisting and simply surrender we find our natural flow and gain harmony with what is. This is the moment we begin to grow and transform.  
3. It teaches us how to breath– to inhale that which nourishes us, and exhale that which is our poison; breathing in love, and exhaling fear– so we can approach all our relationships and circumstances from a place of compassion, center, and balance.  
4. It teaches us how to let go of the fear of falling in life, like the first time we tried half-moon, trusting that if we fall– it’s really okay. We see that we are here to grow from our experiences– each and every one, and to try it all over again without judgement or condemnation. It teaches us that falling is not failing– but what each fall cultivates within us that matters.  
5. It teaches us that each day is a chance to begin again, to be fresh and new, and how to wipe our slate clean by releasing all our old junk. Just like shavasana, a rebirth happens making each practice new and fresh.  
We all know benefits on the mat, but never forget theabundance you reap from your practice OFF the mat! Nurturing your self, to reveal your highest and truest,most radiant you. Namaste.
 Hope to see you on your mat this week!
Lisa 🙂

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