Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Yogis!
I am so grateful to be blessed by each and every one
of you!  Our small community of yogis is growing and it
fills my heart to see the connections grow among all of you!
Here’s a few yoga poses and tips to help you
unstuff from a big turkey dinner. These poses aid in
digestion and elimination of all the yummy toxins
we’ll be enjoying today!
1.  An hour before dinner, eat a high-fiber snack.
Lining the belly with fiber can prevent up to 35%
of the calories you take in from being absorbed.
2. An hour after you eat… Ujii Breathing, Childs, Twists,
and Shoulder Stand
a. Ujii Breathing – will help calm the body and will stimulate the
digestion process.  If you are doing something physically
active afterwards, be sure to maintain smooth, steady, even
breathing as to not trigger flight/fight response which will
tell your body to store those calories for later! A moderate walk
is perfect.
b.Child’s Pose – the forward bending action that compresses
your belly onto your thighs will help stimulate the digestive
juices and get things going.  You can even take your fists into
the lower belly and gently press inward to help aid digestion.
c. Seated Twists – will gently massage the digestive organs
like your liver and kidneys, aiding the filtration of toxins from
the body. Remember with twists, less is more– no twisting
in the lower back and use the obliques to engine the twist.
d. Shoulder Stand/Handstand helps with drainage of the
lymph (little garbage dumps throughout the body) and increases
circulation as well as improves immune function.
Provides lots of stimulation to the thyroid gland as well!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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