Exciting Workshop Coming in April!

Understanding the Seven Chakras of the Body
with Rachel Goldberg, RYT
Sunday, April 21 1:00- 3:30
at Olde Towne Athletic Club

Chakras, Sanskrit for wheel, are seven main energy centers aligned along the spinal column. They attract information from our surroundings, radiate a certain vibrational energy, and reflect our environment and people we are associated with. We connect to each one physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every organ, gland, and body system is connected to a chakra & is connected to a color vibrational frequency. Disturbances on any level compromise the vitality level of the chakra. Rachel Goldberg will lead a lecture, vinyasa class, & meditation practice incorporating these principles.

Spots are limited, reserve your place today!

$30 Early Bird Sign- Up by Mar.21st 

$35 (after Mar.21)

Rachel Siegel Goldberg
A bit about Rachel…
Rachel has been practicing and teaching yoga for over ten years. Rachel has her 200hr certification from Peachtree Yoga Center where she studied under the leadership of Graham Fowler and Elizabeth Nix. She has also completed level one certification with Baron Baptiste, completed Seane Corn’s teacher training program, and studied with Brain Kest. Rachel received her master’s degree in Social Work in 1999 from NYU. She brings her knowledge of the therapeutic process to each practice. Helping her students dig deep into their own trauma’s and experience’s to move into healing and the light. Rachel’s classes are inspired from her own life experiences. She is a mom of two beautiful children and wife to her husband of 10 years. She believes fully in the power of the mind body spiritual connection, the power of positive thought, active listening, and acceptance. Rachel’s classes are created to inspire and challenge student’s to listen to their bodies, be present to the moment, and to be self-accepting of their strengths and limitations. Each class is individually structured to the energy of the room. Her classes are based off of the chakra system of energy. Her passion is to help others find joy and peace in their life.

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