Class Description

Drop by: $12/class OR  

Class Package: 10/$100  (expires 6mon. from purchase date)

Class Package: 15/$150 (no expiration)


Private Session: $75/hour    $100/90minutes

All classes focus on safe alignment structured by the principals of anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology.                                                                          Regardless of level, each class offers an opportunity to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your balance and core stability.  Strength and flexibility will increase more each time, if you practice consistently.  Most of all, just let go of any expectations and have fun exploring. All you really need to do is breathe.

Intro to Yoga –   Focusing on the basic asanas (postures), proper breathing, body awareness and relaxation techniques.  Postures are broken down step by step, combining strength and stretches.  You will leave feeling lighter and more relaxed.  Offered periodically in 6 consecutive series, based on interest.  Preparation for Basics/Beginner class.

Basics/Beginner Vinyasa Flow – Synchronizing movement with breath to create a flowing and graceful practice. We warm-up with Sun Salutations to build heat in the muscles, joints, and connective tissue (sweat is a desired effect!) so we can hold the standing postures safely to tone and strengthen our muscles. Less complicated balance postures, gentle and restorative back bends, basic twists and inversions to encourage lymphatic flow and rinse the internal organs. Deep stretching at the end to release tension and lengthen the muscles to their fullest potential. Detoxifying for the mind and body. You’ll leave feeling lighter, calmer, and more centered.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow –  (Great for cross-training if you are a competitive runner, biker, tennis player, etc.) An intermediate class combines traditional yoga asanas with the most up-to-date fitness moves to create a longer, stronger, leaner, and healthier body. Linking breath with movement in a flowing (vinyasa) style practice. More complex flows, deeper, longer held postures, balance work, back bends, arm balances.  Twists and inversions to encourage lymphatic flow and rinse internal organs. Options are always given so that everyone works to their own ability.  You’ll leave feeling focused, centered, and rebalanced.

Yoga Stretch and Back Health– A yummy, stretchy, class for all levels to relax and balance the whole body.  Emphasizes therapeutic asanas (poses) for back health and posture, mixed with gentler strengthening and balance exercises to increase core strength.   Breathing exercises are practiced to develop good respiratory habits and to detoxify the body and calm the mind.  Practiced consistently, this class will improve range of motion in shoulders, hips, legs, and spine and teach you how to prevent and lessen back discomfort.  Detoxifying and balancing for the whole body, bringing clarity and a sense of well-being.  (60 min)


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